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Life Purpose Fulfilled

What is your life purpose? What do you want to do with your life? Perhaps you want to earn a college degree, become successful in your career, attain a certain level of wealth or become famous. Perhaps you want to provide for your family or be a good parent. All of those goals are good, but have one thing in common…they depend on your circumstances.

If circumstances line up just right, you will reach your goal. But what if circumstances do not line up just right? What will you do? How will you react when your reason for living has been destroyed? Having your life purpose taken away can be devastating.

What if you could avoid that kind of trauma? What if you had a life purpose that could not be taken away by bad circumstances? It is possible to have that kind of life purpose.

The Bible tells us that human beings were created in God’s image. (Genesis 1:27) We were not created to be God, but to reflect His glory. Simply put, we were created to bring glory to God. We can bring glory to God regardless of the circumstances we face. We can glorify God when things are good. We can glorify God when things are bad. The circumstances may determine how we glorify God, but they do not determine if we glorify God. When we make our life goal to glorify God in all circumstances in life, we fulfill our purpose for existing, and find fulfillment in life. No set of circumstances, good or bad, can destroy your life purpose when your purpose is to glorify God.

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